Disabled Data is a project of Fightthestroke.org, a collaboration between Sheldon.studio and OnData. From the very beginning we realised that we would need a network to understand the different instances related to the world of disability and the world of data. So we started a workshop in April 2022 where we were able to connect with a wider audience: people with disabilities, their spouses, children and parents, psychologists, teachers, volunteers, sports instructors, doctors, schoolmates, friends. Thanks to them, and to all the allies, the project grew and was able to move forward. Then, in June 2022, we launched a survey to find out which were the main areas of interest to be addressed: 161 people gave us their time, including 120 community allies and 40 people with disabilities, from all over Italy, of all genders and ages. The data speak for themselves: the main areas of interest are social participation and integration barriers, inclusion in employment and education, demonstrating a curiosity for equal opportunities in the quality of life. Thank you!

Data extraction/processing: OnData
Design and development: Sheldon.studio
Text and data analysis: Simona Bisiani
Powered by: Fightthestroke.org